Summer essentials to step up your style game

Some of us may almost loathe the summers for the warm blow of heat, excruciating sun, and vexatious sweat. This is the time of the year when you may not like to dress up at all, but if you shop for some real apposite summer dresses and accessories, you can truly look refreshing and fancy.

Let us list down some summer essentials for you which are not only comfortable to carry but will step-up your style quotient too.

Tank tops

Want to look like a summer goddess? Start with a feline tank top. To handle all the summer parties like a boss, pair your tank top with a knee-length skirt or a rugged denim to steal the show as you glide into the room with this super cool summer special number. Accessorize with strappy stilettos to complete the look. Pair it with a casual sling bag for an effortless air to sport this look day and night.

Polka and floral prints

It’s time to wear the most loved prints of the season that suits almost everyone – Polka and Floral! These two are perfect summer patterns to make you look urbane and suave. Whether you go for a vintage broad neck polka blouse or a polka knee length dress, you can’t look classier! Similarly, opt for a flowery or a floral print loose shirt with a knot to look debonair! Imagine taking a stroll on a sunny breezy beachside with your girl gang in your floral dress!

Pajama shorts

A pair of shorts is a must have for your summer wardrobe. But, how about replacing your denim shorts with pajama shorts? Pajama shorts are very much in trend and they look chic. It will not only make you look more stylish but will add comfort too. Pick a rather loose-fitting pajama shorts with a broad flowery print.

Plain T-shirts

The simpler, the better. Summer is the time when you can flaunt your neon or pastel colored plain t’s. if you don’t have a white plain t-shirt and a yellow plain t-shirt, then your wardrobe is definitely missing something. A white t-shirt with blue denim or a yellow t-shirt with a patterned skirt are the combinations that can never go wrong.

Off shoulder

This badass look is ultra-feminine and comforting to keep you cool this summer. You can go for an off-shoulder top or an off-shoulder dress to flaunt this summer. If it is a ruffled one, even better. A white off-shoulder top with a sunny yellow skirt would look amazing and may look dreamier if you can accessorize it with a delicate choker necklace.


A headscarf is like a statement jewelry for summers. A printed silk scarf wrapped around your head is the best style statement you can give to yourself. Choose a bright color and a funky print scarf to make you look even more desirable. Another way to sport your funky look is to tie the scarf neatly along your neck. You can also wear it around your wrist as a cuff to look more tasteful. Team it up with a slip dress and heels for a bright Sunday party.

Maxi dresses

One of the best summer attire – maxi dresses! Summers and maxi dresses get along really well. They keep you cool, breezy and looks elegant too. Go for a sleeveless strappy full-length maxi gown with a long slit, and you are done! Choose a rather light tone to make it your favorite summer style. You won’t look less than a French girl when you accessorize the same with cool shades.

Strappy Sandals

A two-strap sandal will complete your summer look. Other than adding the glamor, it will keep your feet open and sweat-free. Experts say that it can make your legs appear longer too. So, it’s the time you ditch your regular pumps and go for this dapper pair.

Sling bag

Sling bags are the perfect summer bags – light and less serious. Choose trendy colors like yellow, orange or pink. Prefer a thin one but make sure it can accommodate your sunscreen, shades, scarf, and perfume.


Summers and hats are synonymous. A perfectly fitted modish hat is everything you need to beat the summer heat. It will protect you from the piercing rays of the sun and will add a finishing touch to your already decked-up summer accouter. Go for a straw hat to look even more magnificent. These hats are a must before you go for a bike ride, to a market, or to a picnic with your pals.


Last, but most important- shades. Sleek shades are the need of the hour. Pick up a pair that suits your face shape. On most of the people, our very own classic pair of aviators suit the best. Some go for cat eye design while some stick to the broad oval frames. You can choose your perfect pair and look overwhelming.

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