How to reduce belly fat in two weeks.

How to reduce belly fat in two weeks.

I-M-possible to reduce belly fat in just two weeks, if there is a will there is a way. You wish to reduce by few sizes and wear all those dresses resting for long in the closet. Well, it’s never too late to exhilarate your lifestyle in a more productive positive way. It is important to set a target date in order to achieve what was a dream until now.

  1. Workout: absolutely no substitute for physically working out to burn calories, increase stamina and keep you fit. Swimming, cycling, running, walking, gyming, yoga, Pilates, aerobics anything you are regular with or combination of these. Five days a week or 45 minutes daily are a must to give.
  2. Concentrate on abdominal muscles: While working out in the gym, aerobics or yoga you must concentrate on the abdominal muscle. With time these muscle tend to get loose and bulge out. Regular workout ensures it’s toning completely and gives it a firm and taut look.
  3. Proteins: Proteins take a lot of time to get absorbed, thus body has to burn more calories to digest it. It keeps you full for a longer period of time. Proteins are also good to gain muscle mass and strength. Protein are obtained from chicken, pulses, whole grains etc.
  4. Light dairy products: Dairy has a lot of fat content. Thus light dairy items are good to be included in your daily routine. You can go for skimmed milk, yogurt, cream, cheese etc to relish your meals with.
  5. Reduce/stop salt intake: Salt alone is responsible for water retention in your body. Decreasing intake of the salt and by drinking ample water, you can detoxify your body. Leading to some inch and weight loss in the process over a period of time.
  6. Avoid fasting eat smaller meals: Don’t crash diet or starve yourself to reduce fat. It has done no good to anybody so far. Accelerate your metabolism by taking six healthy nutritious small portions throughout the day.
  7. Avoid stress and anxiety: Stress and anxiety on a daily basis leads to the over production of a hormone called Coriolis. This hormone results in the weight gain at the belly area. Over all health also demands for a stress free lifestyle.
  8. Avoid constipation: Eat more of fibre in the form of fruits and vegetables daily. It relieves one from constipation and keep your body well hydrated. A lot of abdominal issues can be solved with adequate consumption of water alone. Consume luke warm water with lemon and honey in it as first drink in the morning. It helps in reducing weight and regulates bowel along with giving you a fresh start.

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